FY2012 Budget Priorities

I transmitted today the following annual statement to the House Ways and Means Committee. For previous versions of this statement from me, please click here.
Dear Ms. Lincoln,

I am scheduled to meet with Chairman Dempsey at 10AM on Thursday.

My top three priorities going into the budget meeting are:

1) Full funding of the Special Education Circuit Breaker account to achieve 75% reimbursement (account 7061-0012)
2) Achieving the Governor’s numbers or better for Chapter 70 and UGGA.
3) Freezing rates for Chapter 766 schools, a key cost-driver for local government (Outside Section 48 of the Governor’s budget)

In addition to these three top priorities, I wish to highlight the list further below of accounts which are also particularly important to me and my constituents.

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Will Brownsberger

Additional Priorities:
0321-1510 Private counsel
0321-1600 MLAC
1790-0150 Environmental Information
2200-0100 DEP Admin
2200-0107 Recycling and Solid Waste Management
2210-0105 Technical Assistance TURI
2260-8870 Hazardous Site Cleanup
2260-8881 Board of Registration Hazard Waste Professionals
2300-0100 Office of Commissioner
2300-0101 Ecological Restoration
2310-0300 Natural Heritage Program
2330-0100 Division of Marine Fisheries
2511-0100 DAR Administration
2800-0401 Storm water management
2800-0700 Dam safety
2810-0100 State and urban Parks
3000-4060 Low income child care
3000-7000 Healthy Families Program
4000-0600 Long Term Care Options
4110-0001 Turning 22
4120-4000 MRC Independent Living
4401-1000 Young Parent GED
4403-2119 Teen Living Shelter Program
4512-0103 AIDS/HIV
4513-1020 Early Intervention
4516-1000 State Lab
4530-9000 Teen Pregnancy Prevention
4590-1507 Boys and Girls Clubs
4800-0038 Young Parent Support Program
5920-2025 Day Programs
5920-3000 Respite Family Supports
7002-0012 Summer Jobs for At Risk Youth
7004-0104 Home and Healthy for Good
7004-0108 Short Term Housing
7004-3036 Housing Consumer Ed. Centers
7004-9005 Housing Authority Operating Subsidy
7004-9024 MRVP
7004-9316 RAFT
7010-0012 METCO
7027-0019 School to Career
7061-0012 Circuit Breaker
7061-9611 After School
7061-9626 YouthBuild
9110-1500 ECOP
9110-1630 Home Care Purchased Services
9110-1633 Case Management/ASAPs
9110-1636 Protective Services

Published by Will Brownsberger

Will Brownsberger is State Senator from the Second Suffolk and Middlesex District.