FY18 Chapter 90 Totals

Today the Senate will take up a Chapter 90 authorization bill. Chapter 90 funds are the primary source of funding that the Commonwealth provides to cities and towns for road maintenance and repair. Last year the state authorized $200 million of Chapter 90 funding.

Chapter 90 funds are appropriated to all cities and towns determined by a formula based on total population, road miles and the number of jobs in a community. Here are the Chapter 90 FY2018 appointments for the cities and towns of the Senator’s district:

Belmont: $542,601
Boston: $14,689,443
Watertown: $746,082

Below are the Chapter 90 funding totals over the last 10 years:

FY08 – $120 million
FY09 – $150 million
FY10 – $150 million
FY11 – $150 million
FY12 – $155 million
FY13 – $200 million
FY14 – $200 million
FY15 – $200 million
FY16 – $300 million
FY17 – $200 million

Andrew Bettinelli
Chief of Staff
Office of State Senator William N. Brownsberger

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  1. Roads are expensive. How much of it is paid for by the gas tax? I hope all of it. The property tax should not be subsidizing our driving.

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