Congressional vote to allow ISPs to sell customers’ browsing/Internet history

Saw with dismay that the Republicans in Congress voted to allow ISPs to sell customers’ browsing and Internet history data for marketing and other purposes.  Is this something that can be checked at the state level, given that we hopefully have somewhat more enlightened leadership in Mass.?

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  1. Hi Heather, not sure how we missed this post until now — my apologies.

    This sounds like a national issue more than a regional one, but we will definitely be looking at privacy issues in this session.

    1. How is privacy only a national issue? If the laws passed at the national level trample our right to privacy, we can pass state laws to protect it, no? We already have MA 201 CMR 17, why should this be any different?
      Allowing ISPs to sell our private browsing information, and then revoking Net neutrality, as is being done, can only lead to the complete loss of privacy and to handing off control over the information we can access to the large ISPs. Which ultimately will lead smaller/poorer media outfits to disappear.
      How is that just a federal problem?

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