S2250 Environmental Bond Bill

Today the Senate debated and passed S2205 the Environmental Bond Bill, which authorizes funds for the preservation and improvement of land, parks and clean energy in the Commonwealth.  Senator Brownsberger advocated for several priorities that were adopted in the Senate version of the bill:

  • $2 million for Phase II of the Watertown Greenway multi-use path from Arlington St to Fresh Pond
  • $7 million for the the design, improvement and reconstruction of the Brighton Allston Swimming Pool
  • funds shall be expended for design and reconstruction of the Dartmouth Street, Gloucester Street and Commissioner’s Landings on the Esplanade
  • $1 million for projects to improve accessibility for persons with disabilities on the Emerald Necklace Parkways and the Esplanade
  • $4 million for public amenities on the Esplanade, including without limitation design, repair, renovations or replacement of the Dartmouth Street Comfort Station
  • Fund to be used to study district energy.  District energy is the generation and distribution of steam, chilled water and/or electrical energy to a local network of buildings.  The City of Boston is promoting district energy to address the reliability of energy systems serving Boston, reduce their environmental impact, and to increase our climate preparedness.
  • A $9 million increase in the DCR Natural Resource Restoration and Storm Water Management and Environmental Remediation Account for additional storm water management activities and environmental remediation
  • $7 million for the design and construction of 3 pedestrian underpasses adjacent to the Boston side of the Charles river at the River St, Western Ave and Larz Anderson bridges
  • $1 million for bicycle and pedestrian safety, signal improvements and traffic calming measures on Alewife Brook parkway and Fresh Pond
  • $1 million for the renovation of Parkman Plaza in the Boston Common

You can read the press release issued by the Senate President’s office here.

The bill will now go to a conference committee to reconcile the differences between the Senate and House versions of the bill.

Andrew Bettinelli
Legislative Aide
Office of State Senator William N. Brownsberger

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  1. How disappointing that there is not an acquisition for the Silver Maple Forest though given the price tag, I am not surprised. However, it amazes me that the developer is getting permits to build on a flood plain. I am two streets in from the Alewife Brook and with climate change I fully expect to be regularly bailing out my cellar once this forest is executed.

  2. Sounds like some good stuff in here. Do you know if the UMass Sustainability Center in Waltham has made the list?

    Thanks for all your work on these, Will!

    1. It did make it in on both the House and Senate sides. Let’s see if we can get it out conference to the Governor’s desk.

      7100-3000 For the design, rehabilitation or construction of a research and extension building of approximately 20,000 square feet at the University of Massachusetts Center for Urban Sustainability in the city of Waltham to conduct research and advance urban sustainable agriculture through public-private partnerships, to include, without limitation, urban agricultural issues related to food security, safety and access, environmental stewardship and workforce development; provided, that best efforts shall be made to construct a zero-net energy building……………………………….$20,000,000

  3. What, if anything, about the retaining wall on Chestnut Hill Avenue near Cleveland Circle? What is happening there? I see some tree cutting, etc., but is there a repair plan for the wall?

  4. Aaron: $20 million has been included for the UMass Sustainability Center in both the house and senate versions of the bill.

    Bret: The retaining wall along the eastern side of the park is going to be rebuilt. I believe the tree removal that you have seen is to facilitate construction staging. I’ve asked DCR for a project timeline.

    Andrew Bettinelli
    Legislative Aide
    Office of State Senator William N. Brownsberger

  5. A quick update, the final version of the bill was passed last week by both the house
    and senate and laid before the governor. All of Senator Brownsberger’s priorities listed above were included in the final bill.

    View the senate press release here.

    Andrew Bettinelli
    Legislative Aide
    Office of State Senator William N. Brownsberger

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