COVID-19 Social Distancing

This page contains obsolete material.

Analysis and Discussion

View all posts about our response to the epidemic in this thread.

Survey results

Community surveys show people in my district are willing to do their part.

Wearing masks

We should all be wearing masks when we go out in public places.


See also COVID-19 Recession Relief

Please feel free to comment below with questions or suggestions you may have related to social distancing measures.

SUPERSEDED Closure Orders [retained here only for historical reference]

Nursing homesVisits restricted
Long term care facilitiesVisits restricted
State HouseBuilding closed but offices open
State OfficesSee list; transactions may be restricted
Public MeetingsPermitted, but may be held virtually
State open space/ parksOpen
Local librariesOpen- Watertown, Belmont, Boston
Construction Mixed — check locally. See safety guidelines.
Grocery stores Open
Public waysOpen
As of March 23, 2020