Congratulations to Mayor Walsh on his Inauguration

Walsh Iaguration

I attended the inauguration of Boston’s new mayor Marty Walsh today and very much appreciated his focus on the issue of violence in the city. I look forward to supporting his efforts to bring peace to our neighborhoods. You may read his Inaugural Address here. His press release appears below.

Mayor Martin J. Walsh Sworn in as

54th Mayor of the City of Boston

In Inaugural Address, Mayor Walsh Speaks of

One Boston, Committed to Community,

Equality and Opportunity for All

Before a crowd of thousands, including residents, supporters, political leaders, faith leaders and dignitaries, Mayor Martin J. Walsh this morning took the oath of office and was sworn in as the 54th Mayor of the City of Boston. In a ceremony that also included the swearing-in of the Boston City Council, Mayor Walsh delivered his inaugural address, committing to moving a united Boston forward, a City that provides community, opportunity, and equality to all its citizens. [Remarks as prepared for delivery attached.]

 “We will expand opportunity so it reaches every person in every corner of our city. We cannot tolerate a city divided by privilege and poverty,” Mayor Walsh said in his address. “We will protect and grow our sense of community. For it is Boston’s greatest source of strength. And we will ensure equality for all: No matter your age, race, religion, sexual orientation. No matter what.”

In his address, Mayor Walsh outlined major priorities as he begins his term, including: Strengthening Boston’s economy and creating jobs; Improving public safety and bringing an end to senseless gun violence; Ensuring Boston’s schools help every child succeed; and Increasing trust and transparency in City government.

Mayor Walsh said he will begin the work of addressing the senseless violence that takes place in Boston’s neighborhoods this afternoon, when he will convene a diverse group of public safety advocates to move the City forward in redoubling crime prevention efforts and recommitting the City to the safety of every citizen. Mayor Walsh spoke of the particular importance of improved trauma response, family support and substance abuse programming.

Mayor Walsh said he will also immediately begin a search for a proven urban education leader to serve as the next Superintendent of the Boston Public Schools. The Mayor’s commitment to moving Boston Public Schools forward will focus on eliminating the achievement gap, universal early education, high school reform, inclusion and dual language programs, and high quality career and technical training. Mayor Walsh emphasized the need to ensure every dollar spent on education is put to the best and most effective use, and committed to a Performance Audit of Boston Public Schools to ensure money is being spent effectively and efficiently.

“Every kid in Boston deserves a great education that will give them opportunity to get ahead. Every kid in every neighborhood deserves the chance for a pathway to higher education or a good career,” Mayor Walsh said.

Other priorities Mayor Walsh outlined in his address include gaining a better understanding of the needs of Boston’s seniors; strengthening City ethics requirements; revitalizing support to neighborhood businesses; and restructuring the Boston Redevelopment Authority to make Boston a leader in streamlined, transparent, and effective job and business growth.

“Faith and trust are earned,” Mayor Walsh said. “We must do what it takes to earn both, from the people we serve.”

Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley delivered the ceremony’s opening prayer, and remarks by U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren and Governor Deval Patrick preceded the inaugural address.

Massachusetts Supreme Court Chief Justice Roderick L. Ireland administered the Oath of Office to the Mayor.

“I am inspired every day by the people of our city – by your hopes, by your dreams, by your determination. I am listening. I will keep on listening,” Mayor Walsh said. “We will move Boston forward together.”



Published by Will Brownsberger

Will Brownsberger is State Senator from the Second Suffolk and Middlesex District.