Citizens’ Legislative Seminar, Spring 2017

78th Citizens’ Legislative Seminar – An invitation to learn about the legislative process

Senator Brownsberger is seeking nominees to participate in the 78th Citizens’ Legislative Seminar (CLS) to be held March 21 and March 22, 2017 at the State House in Boston.  CLS is a semi-annual educational seminar geared towards adults of all ages interested in learning more about state government and the legislative process.

This two-day seminar features engaging presentations by Senators and staff on aspects of the day-to-day experience of legislators in the Commonwealth. Topics will include the history and process of the Legislature, the parliamentary role of the Clerk of the Senate and the future of the Legislature. The Seminar will walk participants through the legislative process including how bills are introduced, debated, and passed.

“The Citizens’ Legislative Seminar is part of the Massachusetts Senate’s ongoing effort to increase civic engagement and open up the democratic process. It’s the perfect chance to come and gain an insider’s perspective from elected officials and staff on how the legislature works,” said Senate President Stan Rosenberg (D-Amherst). “This is an excellent learning experience and I encourage those interested to contact their senator.”

The CLS culminates with a simulated legislative hearing and Senate session where participants are invited to use what they have learned and participate as “Senators” in the Senate Chamber in order to have a first-hand experience of the legislative process.

Interested residents in the 2nd Suffolk & Middlesex District are invited to contact Andrew Bettinelli in Senator Brownsberger’s office by Friday, January 20 (617-722-1280;  Seats are limited and nominations are taken on a first come, first served basis.


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  1. Highly recommended! The staff does a great job. Role playing as senators in the historic Senate chamber with the Senate president presiding was priceless and highly entertaining. Lovely tour as well. I thought that the class would be primarily college students, but I was surprised to see that at 61 years of age I fit right in. Thank you to everyone who makes this happen.

  2. Thank you for the correspondence, President Obama being interviewed recently noted that while there may be at times difficulties at the federal level, the community, local and state levels are often able to make progress. At this time while I continue to have an interest in government, I shall not request to be considered for this two-day seminar. Compliments to the progress recognized at the federal level and thank you for this privileged invitation.

  3. This sounds like a very interesting opportunity. I would like to be nominated.
    I am a 37 year Back Bay resident. I work as a freelance writer covering business and technology issues. For many years I worked as the technology reporter in the Wall Street Journal’s Boston Bureau
    I am exploring ways to use my upcoming retirement years in ways that are useful for the community and interesting for me.

  4. What a great way to educate the public about how the Senate works! I hope you find many citizens, especially younger ones who will participate.

  5. This Legislative Seminar is a great idea. I hope that I can be nominated. I would be very interested in learning and sharing what I learn with others.

  6. Thank you for offering such a privilege to learn and be able to better understand the legislative process.
    As an engineer, I was always tuned to social and political messages, actions and changes, and have lived it.
    I am interested to attend the two days in March to learn and be able to explain to the professional community the efforts undertaken by our representatives and the importance of our active participation.

  7. This is an excellent idea and providing civic literacy in this manner is much needed now. I am not able to self-nominate but I hope plenty of people will participate.
    I don’t know if high school students get this sort of information, but if not maybe you would consider special training for students as well.
    yvonne stapp

  8. I would be pleased to be nominated. I am from the Back Bay and was much involved in the No Boston Olympics effort. Now it’s working on getting the thousands of gas leaks repaired. Thanks, Will, another good idea.

  9. I like to be nominated. I work with the Somalia Community and Cultural Association mobilizing new Americans on voter registration and civics. I focus on refugee populations resettled in Boston/Greater Boston

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