Senator Will Brownsberger and Representative Jon Hecht have arranged a walkthrough of Charles River Road with DCR to review the agency’s proposed plans for restriping the newly paved road.

DCR’s Deputy Chief Engineer, Jeff Parenti, will be on-site to answer questions and take input.

WHEN: Wednesday, June 27 at 8:30 AM

WHERE: Meet at Charles River Road opposite of Irving Street

Please don’t hesitate to follow-up directly, at (617) 722-1280, with any questions or concerns you may have. Hope to see you there!


5 replies on “Charles River Rd Walkthrough w/ DCR”

  1. Thank you for this notification as we are looking forward to this site visit.

    Question: would Senator Will Brownsberger be able to take a few minutes and look at the one small section that was not paved directly across the street? This road is often used by walkers, runners and cars to prevent making a u-turn on Charles River Rd. One section was paved but the more heavily used section was not.

    Thank you for this consideration.

  2. I look forward to attending.
    Could you also ask the DCR why the trash bin at the end of the river path (in the square) is covered with a large plastic tarp and not usable?
    It’s the only barrel on the entire path and lots of trash has started to accumulate because it is out of service.

    Thank you

  3. Did you ask the DCR about the trash barrel at the end of Charles River Road? It’s still covered and out of service.

    1. I did bring it up with DCR staff, they have put it on the queue to be fixed but were unable to provide a time frame.

      I will continue to follow up.

      Andrew Bettinelli
      Chief of Staff
      Office of Senator William N. Brownsberger

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