New Initiatives

I note that the California Democratic Party has added a Universal Basic Income plank to its platform. I hope you will consider pioneering the idea in this state. I also hope you will think about something like Alaska’s Permanent Fund Dividend for the citizens of Massachusetts, only based on offshore wind power generation. We […]

The hidden problem of abuse by court appointed guardians

In 2012 my girlfriend Gretchen Gates was subjected to severe abuse by a court appointed guardian. This abuse destroyed her whole life and led to her premature death. I was also subjected to abuse. I could not believe what happened. This cannot happen in the United States of America. Despite a blistering complaint to the […]

Oppose the ‘Trumpcare’ health bill

Please oppose the health care Bill that just passed in the House and do whatever you can to convince others to do the same. This bill hurts the most vulnerable people–the poor, the elderly, the millions of Americans with pre-existing conditions, and women. This bill is sickeningly sexist, considering things like C-sections and SEXUAL ASSAULT […]