Citizens’ Initiative Review Pilot Program: Question 4

This year Massachusetts voters will head to the polls to decide whether four initiative petitions will become law. In Massachusetts, the Secretary of the Commonwealth‘s Office publishes and distributes a voter guide, …

Proposed Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Allston

A medical marijuana dispensary has been proposed on Harvard Avenue in Allston and is moving through the state approval process. The company has secured signatures on a petition indicating non-opposition from nearby businesses and a letter of support from the Allston Civic Association. In November 2012, 65% of voters approved a ballot question to legalize medical marijuana.

Marijuana, Cocaine and Heroin

I’ve been hearing from a number of constituents who are calling for full legalization and taxation of marijuana. I think that it is much more useful to focus on reducing mandatory minimum sentences for the harder drugs and I’m hopeful that our financial crunch will create the conditions for responsible movement on sentencing policy.