Proposed Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Allston

A medical marijuana dispensary has been proposed to be located on Harvard Ave in Allston and is moving through the state approval process. The proponent, Compassionate Organics, is a registered Massachusetts taxable non-profit corporation and is seeking to secure state licensure to operate a Registered Marijuana Dispensary. The company has been asked by DPH to submit a Siting Profile, having already completed the first two steps in the approval process by submitting an Application of Intent and a Management and Operations Profile. This group intends to operate both a retail location at 144 Harvard Avenue and a delivery service. The marijuana would be grown off site, at a separate facility in Fitchburg. The company has secured signatures on a petition indicating non-opposition from nearby businesses and a letter of support from the Allston Civic Association.

In November 2012, 65% of voters approved ballot question #3 to legalize medical marijuana.  You can review the regulations or for general information visit the DPH website on the medical marijuana program.

Update 2/26/2016:

Senator Brownsberger wrote a letter to DPH, informing the Medical Marijuana Program Director of the positive feedback received in support of a dispensary in Allston Village.

Another group, Mayflower Medicinals, has also proposed a dispensary in the Allston Village area – 230 Harvard Avenue. As with the proposal above, it is in the siting phase of the licensure process.

Andrew Bettinelli
Legislative Aide
Office of State Senator William N. Brownsberger

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  1. I think the market for this shop is excellent. It’s accessible to a large number of people along the Green Line, is close to hospitals, and is away from most underage/family locations.

    I support legalizing marijuana and a medical location and believe that this is a respectable and well-regulated place to start in Boston.

  2. I am 100% behind the idea of putting the dispensary in Allston. Harvard St is a perfect location for such an establishment, as it is easily accessible by public transit. The dispensary would fit great with all the other stores that are located in the neighborhood, especially, several medical businesses that already operate there. Senator Brownsberger, you got my vote on this issue!!!!

  3. Senator, I too support a medical marijuana facility in Allston. A personal note: In 1995 I spent most of the year in an experimental chemo. treatment program and was given artificial THC for the adverse side effects. It did not work, so I switched to ‘natural’ THC (smoked small amounts of marijuana in the evenings) and it allowed me to keep down meals and get better sleep. I told my oncologist about the switch and his response was: You’d be surprised how many patients tell me this. Thank you for taking this up.
    Bob Pessek

  4. I am fine with the idea. People should be able to deal with their health issues without going to Colorado. Or wherever.

  5. I support the proposal. The location is convenient and has a strong level of support, so it sounds like a strong plan.

  6. As a longtime Allston resident I support this proposal, and support the Allston Civic Association’s very reasonable supporting letter. The site impinges on no neighborhood, and is appropriate in every way for what will be a legal, highly regulated retail business. I hope the legislature will concentrate on giving the regulators the means they need to monitor this business, a responsibility that could increase greatly if full legalization is around the corner (as I suspect it is). Thanks to the Senator for his interest in our opinions.
    Brent Whelan

  7. Abutters should give you an idea how it is being received. The area needs better security due to crowds of students and bar people who become rowdy at night. I would think this operation would put betterments in place for their safe operation. It is a dense area which may be an opposition but they might be the right tenant to clean up the area which some may not understand, but I feel they would.

  8. Thank you so much for telling me about this medicalI facility. I would be so grateful for the retail location at 144 Harvard Ave & even more-so delivery service. This will help me with my PTSD tremendously. God bless everyone who made this possible.

  9. My only problem with the location is that parking can be very tight in that area. I don’t know if their location has designated parking, maybe out back?
    But that doesn’t mean I object to their location.

    While we are on the issue of dipensaries…
    Anyone care to guess how much the annual registration fee is for a dispensary?


    $50,000 per year!

  10. I 100% support a dispensary opening on Harvard Ave – proximity to major public transit routes make this a critical location for underserved populations.

  11. I strongly support this proposal and I thank the Senator for his support of medical marijuana and legal marijuana in general. It is a step in the right direction.

  12. Yes, yes, yes on medical marajuana. One yes for each of the three orthopedic surgeries I have had in the last two years. The harder the legislature makes it for patients to receive pain medication the easier it should make it for patients to receive medical marajuana. And easier for dispensaries to operate.

  13. My husband and I, Allston/Brighton residents since 1988, would welcome such a facility. Thank you for asking and supporting legalization efforts.

  14. I am wholeheartedly in support of making medical marijuana available in our area. Please do move forward with this initiative.

  15. My wife is a cancer survivor who needs access to medical marijuana, locally, discretely, and safely. The process in place to get your medical marijuana license is extensive and would prevent people without a medical condition from procuring it here. Thank you for your help.

  16. Buying legal medical pot in Allston is a BAD Idea !

    Just today I walked 2 blocks to catch the 66 bus – @ corner of Harvard/ Comm Ave & passed 2 separate groups smoking pot & acting loud & stupid – especially & the Bus Stop ! It ‘s annoying behavior very typical of Allston Main Streets ( Comm Ave -Harvard Ave.-Brighton Ave.)

    The bar is already set so LOW in Allston – Why lower it ? Why don’t we add a few more bar Too ???!

    Allston ( part of Boston ) has extremely low resident ownership because of these low brow Community decisions !

    Brookline has already has a dispensary on Harvard St. Right on the 66 Bus Route ! Go there ! Allston has been known as pot heaven for years ! The Community certainly DOES NOT more pot users , Etc.

  17. The state should stop blocking what we voters have decided should be legal. Also, this specific location would be fine. Brookline will complain, as it does.

  18. I support this facility 100%. It is in a great location, easily accessible for patients, and would not be a detriment to the area. Patients need this type of compassionate care, and we have the right to give it to them

  19. I don’t see a problem with 144 Harvard Ave. as a location for a Registered Marijuana Dispensary.
    Thank you

  20. I support this facility. We shouldn’t allow NIMBYism to prevent the implementation of the medical marijuana program.

  21. Also a local resident, and also fully in favor of this proposed location. Thanks for allowing us to voice our support.

  22. This would be great for Allston, not to mention the foot traffic to the proposed dispensary could bring in additional revenue to other business in the area, like a spillover effect. Two thumbs up!

  23. I am a Brighton resident and I support the idea of building a dispensary on Harvard Avenue in Allston. MA Citizens with a Medical Marijuana Card, should have easy access to cannabis & cannabis products.

  24. Please open this dispensary. It offers services which differ from other dispensaries in the area, such as much needed relief for low income patients (such as people disabled on Social Security SSI, MassHealth), etc. Other dispensaries do no offer this service, or they have extensive waiting lists that take months if up to a year to get accepted. Thanks very much, Mr. Newman in Waltham, MA

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