Criminal Record Access after An Act Relative to Criminal Justice Reform

Where criminal records are more readily available via the internet and third-party background checkers, the potential for long lasting collateral consequences is increased. The recently enacted Criminal Justice Reform law seeks to reduce the negative impact of criminal records on a person’s ability to reintegrate into society..

Criminal Justice Reform in Massachusetts

In 2018, we enacted reforms designed to reduce incarceration — to lift people instead of locking them up and also to cut the chains that hold them down when they are trying to get back on their feet. Our reforms were also designed to improve public safety. This post collects resources on criminal justice reform in Massachusetts.

Solitary Confinement in the Criminal Justice Package

There will always be some prisoners who need to remain in segregation, but our legislation, if effectively implemented, should result in fewer admissions and shorter average stays in segregation. Prisoners leaving segregation should also be much better prepared to return to general population or to the street.