Noise Complaints Lead to Extended Review of Logan 33L Runway Plan

We in Senator Brownsberger’s office have heard from constituents in Belmont and Watertown regarding an increase in airplane traffic and noise over their homes. Due to the increase in noise complaints from the affected communities, the Federal Aviation Administration will extend the review period for the Runway 33L departure procedure at Logan. You can access more information […]

Public Comment Period Extended for Logan Runway Draft Environmental Assessment

The public comment period for a draft environmental assessment of a proposal to utilize a satellite-guided airport route to reduce noise pollution in the Greater Boston area has been extended through March 15, 2013.  When I wrote about this proposal previously, the deadline was listed as February 15, 2013.  You may now submit written comments through March 15, 2013 to […]

FAA Opens Public Comment Period for Logan Draft Environmental Assessment

Representatives of MassPort briefed legislative offices today about the FAA’s proposal for a satellite-guided airplane route that would reduce net noise pollution in the Greater Boston area. They indicated that an increase in noise levels in communities like Belmont and Watertown would be negligible and that no Boston neighborhood would see any increase in noise levels. […]