If the carbon issue were being approached with cold rationality; evaluating the data, risks, costs, and so on, the result would be a truely massive effort by all humanity to change what we are doing.  As things are, the problem is characterized by piddling measures completely underscale.  Read the history of the first world war if you think entire civilizations cannot fall into catastrophe that no one can believe.

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  1. This is an issue I feel strongly about too. The scientific consensus is clear, but the economic opinions about climate change are all still divergent, although the consensus for stark change is building. I personally feel that given the other benefits of reducing fossil fuel use — less money sent to terrorist nations; lower national vulnerability to economic blackmail; less cause to be drawn into resource wars; not to mention lower environmental damage through extraction and pollution — there’s nothing more important for the country.

    See this thread for more of my work on this issue.

    Thanks for speaking out.

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