Belmont Community Path Eligible for Federal Highway Funding

The Project Review Committee of the MassDOT Highway Division has recently determined that the Belmont Community Path is eligible for Federal Aid highway funding. You can read the letter detailing this decision and next steps here.

This is only an eligibility determination, not an allocation of funding, but it is a step forward and opens the door for active collaboration between the Town of Belmont and MassDOT in the design of the path. Once design has further progressed, the project can begin to actively compete for a funding commitment.

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  1. Thanks so much for this research. I hope you will talk to the press about this. (Try the Fenway News.) I walk in the Fenway frequently and am aware of what a good habitat this is for a large canada goose population. I wish we could get rid of the phragmites and thus discourage the geese.

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