MBTA: Where are the governor and the legislature on this continuing disaster?

The MBTA’s “solution” is unacceptable.  There is no reason to raise any fares or cut any services.  There are five sources for enough money to cover this year’s shortfall, over $220 million, at http://www.ace-ej.org/node/3260/print  (see below). And that doesn’t count the $140 million savings we could have from shifting the debt off the T. Please […]

MBTA proposals are socially and economically devastating

Dear Sen. Brownsberger: Are you taking a leadership role in fighting these destructive and short-sighted T proposals? The MBTA was deliberately left with a huge Big Dig debt and an inadequate funding stream, to support itself by exploiting helpless fare-payers. We need to remove the debt from the T, and create a proper state funding […]