Bottle Bill

I just learned that a House committee stripped the expanded Bottle Bill from the Jobs Bill.   This is after the Senate approved it and at least according to MASSPIRG  ” 77% of the public, 208 cities and towns, Governor Patrick, and a majority of legislators” support an expanded Bottle Bill.  I just called Robert […]

State Election Laws

Will, The MassVote organization current campaign for election law reform includes: Online registration. We’re living in the 21st century! It’s time to let citizens register online. Pre-registration.  When young people are registered, they vote.  So how can we get more young people registered?  By letting them register when they’re 16 and 17 so they’re set […]

Biomass Regulations

Is Governor Patrick reversing his progressive position on “trees to energy?”   An August 31 Boston Phoenix article ( says he is.   The independent Manomet Report ( was unequivocal in its conclusion that large scale forest biomass energy production is not a “carbon neutral energy source.”  The only woody biomass, aka trees that should be burned […]