Please join the Massachusetts Department of Transportation for a
Public Information MeetingĀ on the
Arsenal Street Corridor Study

Tuesday, October 4, 2016
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Watertown Middle School, Auditorium & Cafeteria
68 Waverley Ave, Watertown, MA

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) is studying the Arsenal Street Corridor in Watertown. This study will develop and analyze alternatives that are intended to improve transportation conditions on Arsenal Street between Galen Street and Birmingham Parkway. The study will propose improvements to vehicular, transit, bicycle, and pedestrian uses of the corridor, with a targeted focus on enhancements to bus service along Arsenal Street and locations where the bus service ties into other crossing bus routes.

At this public information meeting, the project team will present future year transportation conditions, issues and opportunities identified along the Arsenal Street corridor, and selected alternatives to be analyzed further. The public is encouraged to attend this meeting to learn more about the study, meet with the project team, and provide feedback.

For more information, and to view the meeting flyers in English and Armenian,
please visit the study website:

2 replies on “Arsenal Street Corridor Study: Public Meeting”

  1. Hope arsenal st and mt auburn are not screwed up like Belmont st and trapello rd. Nothing like confusing drivers when a single lane turns into 2 lanes at a light, to only turn into a single lane again within 25 ft.. with a curb in your way. Nice to almost get hit by other cars every 1/4 mile or a curb.
    Good Job

  2. It’s good that this is taking place. The whole situation in Watertown’s East End, which has been taken over by construction, is making the neighborhood unlivable. We are very disturbed by the level of development and the lack of good public transportation on both Arsenal and Mt. Auburn Streets.

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