Allston I-90 Viaduct Interchange Improvement Project Letter

Senator Brownsberger joined several of his colleagues in a letter to Secretary Davey, encouraging MassDOT to look at the Allston I-90 Viaduct Interchange Improvement Project with a broad focus.

April 23, 2014

Secretary Richard A. Davey

Massachusetts Department of Transportation

10 Park Plaza, Suite 4160

Boston, MA 02116

Dear Secretary Davey,

We would like to thank you for your commitment to a public process for the I-90 Allston Interchange Project. The taskforce you have created will ensure that community input is considered from the outset of design.

The first public informational meeting on April 10th was very constructive. Many residents, business owners and advocates were in attendance to share their concerns. It is important that every effort is made to maintain efficient traffic flows through Allston, Brighton and surrounding communities during construction.

We are writing to encourage you to think broadly about the focus of this project. Many of the early discussions have concentrated exclusively on transportation connections between the Turnpike and Cambridge Street. We believe that there is an opportunity to address many regional needs and make the project benefits broadly felt. We write to urge you to lead a process with a broad scope so as to allow consideration of the wide range of connection possibilities in the interchange redesign.

We appreciate your consideration of this proposal.


Senator William N. Brownsberger
Second Suffolk & Middlesex

Senator Cynthia S. Creem
First Middlesex and Norfolk

Senator Sal N. DiDomenico
Middlesex & Suffolk

Senator Patricia D. Jehlen
Second Middlesex

Representative Marjorie Decker
25th Middlesex

Representative Gloria L. Fox
7th Suffolk

Representative Jonathan Hecht
29Th Middlesex

Representative Kevin G. Honan
17th Suffolk

Representative Jay Livingstone
8th Suffolk

Representative Timothy J. Toomey Jr.
26th Middlesex

Representative Byron Rushing
9th Suffolk

Councilor Mark Ciommo
Boston City Council – District 9


You can view an original copy of the letter here.


Andrew Bettinelli

Legislative Aide

Office of State Senator William N. Brownsberger

4 replies on “Allston I-90 Viaduct Interchange Improvement Project Letter”

  1. I was very disappointed to see that the West Station in Allston was dropped from the plan for the I-90 interchange project. I think the opportunity for a game-changing transit center in Allston is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Are there any plans to push for reviving this plan in the future?

  2. I’m puzzled about that too. Would want to see that, even if the station is not built as part of the project, some allowance is made for its future construction. We are looking into this.

  3. I received the following statement from MassDOT regarding West Station:

    The platform locations, cross-section and access to and from a future West Station are still being coordinated with Rail and Transit Division as to ensure continuity with the Interchange Project and abutting properties.

    Accommodation of a future West Station will be part of any I90 plans.

    Andrew Bettinelli
    Legislative Aide
    Office of State Senator William N. Brownsberger

  4. I certainly hope so! (… that a rail station will be provided for) After spending $14 billion on the Central Artery “Big Dig” and leaving North and South stations unconnected, I was rather upset. At least there is hope here that we will have some more sensible rail included in this project, which may at least provide a slightly better rail connection between the ‘north of the city’ and ‘south of the city’ rail networks, even though a ‘straight through’ connection was not built.

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