Algebra II for all

There is little to suggest any course is relevant to job success  (history, literature, social studies,…). The requirement for job success is communication (language proficiency, and writing), abstract reasoning (often thought to be taught via mathematics), critical reasoning (this and writing are assumed to be taught in all the other courses via seminar-like discussion of the course material, and written assignments).

Of course, these assumptions are false.  In a class of 30 or 40, no signicant discussion happens, and no specific writing skills are learned. But the kids can tell you all kinds of random facts, which no employer cares about. This is because of our emphasis on standard tests instead of projects, and ridiculous class sizes.

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  1. I agree, at a minimum, that there are some important disconnects between our academic goals and social and career goals.

    Where does this line of thought take you? (Btw, please use full first and last name as your user-id — that is the only rule on this site. If you need help fixing that ping me at [email protected].

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