Airplane Safety departing from Logan

According to the Washington Post: “White House chief of staff Reince Priebus issued an order on Friday night to freeze all regulations that haven’t yet been formally published in the Federal Register. Politico’s Josh Gerstein reports that at least 62 new regs have already been withdrawn, and the number could go far higher: “Some of the matters are weighty, like planned cancellation of sanctions against Burma (now on hold) or rules to give military spouses preferences in federal hiring. Some have already drawn public attention, like a delay in new rules about mistreatment of horses. Other actions suspended by the White House move seem less than earth-shattering, like the planned campground fee for public land in Richland County, North Dakota. However, at least a few of the halts seem troubling, like the withdrawal of a rule about inspecting aircraft fuselages for cracks.”

I’m not at all sure that withdrawing the rule is tantamount to planes actually stopping their inspections, but this all troubling. I’d like to know from Will and others, if there could be a way for MA to require planes departing from Logan to check their fuselage for cracks? Or is this beyond our local purview?

Any suggestions gratefully appreciated. And I do realize that there are many other pressing issues for us all to look at too.

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  1. Hi Mil, for better or for worse, this one is totally federal. Airline regulation is one of those national things that the feds have asserted full regulatory control over — preempting local regulations. It has to be that way, really, since planes land in all 50 states we can’t have each state making its own rules.

    1. Thanks, Will. Appreciate the quick reply! This makes total sense. Was just fishing for some public safety kind of a loophole.

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