A Sample of Proposed Frameworks for Responding to Police Brutality

The following are policy frameworks that have been brought to the attention of Senator Brownsberger’s office this week as possible responses to police brutality.

The Black and Latino Legislative Caucus

The ACLU of Massachusetts

8 Can’t Wait


President Obama’s Mayor’s Pledge

Defunding the Police

Police Use of Force Project

Campaign Zero

The Color of Change

NAACP’s “We Are Done Dying” Campaign. Note that this campaign is broader than but is inclusive of policing reform.

Please note that these proposals do not represent the sum total of all proposals and frameworks proposed by other legislators or the Senator’s constituents. Rest assured that we are considering additional proposals that have been brought to us; those included here represent only those brought to us that have also been widely disseminated.

Anne Johnson Landry
Chief Counsel, Office of Senator Brownsberger

Published by Anne Johnson Landry

Anne works as Committee Counsel and Policy Advisor to Senator Brownsberger.

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  1. Will, I believe firmly that structural discrimination starts with property tax based school funding. Rich communities will have better funded schools, period, locking in a pattern of exclusion to opportunity. We need to move to a state level income tax based funding model, so that growing up in Weston and Dover doesn’t mean your schools get twice per pupil as Dracut and Grafton. By using income, we also eliminate the regressive nature of property tax on the elderly, getting pricing out of their homes by property tax and tie funding closer to those who use it (you’re likely to be working when your kids are in school. Please let’s consider how to do this. It will be hard, but it is so important.

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