MassDOT has passed along the following status update on the Bowker Overpass construction:

  • Demolition – has been completed
  • Lighting under the bridge – Based on a site walk with Senator Brownsberger, Representative Rushing, and Representative Livingstone we have added a new lighting system to the project.  This work will begin in August and will be completed in October
  • Paving Charlesgate via Boylston St – July 29th-30th 9:00pm-9:00am
    • Paving overnight Friday into Saturday. Both ramps from Storrow East and West to Charlesgate closed. Detour for both is Charlesgate West. Standard paving operations, oscillating rollers, trucks backing up etc.
    • July 30th-31st will be reserved as a make-up day if Friday is rained out. In the event both days have significant chances of rain we will aim for the following weekend. Red Sox are out of town for all proposed dates in this email

The red highlights in the image above shows the approximate limits of the paving.

Andrew Bettinelli

Office of State Senator William N. Brownsberger

9 replies on “7/19/16 Bowker Update”

  1. I am wondering when this project will be complete. This is a terrible traffic nuisance, and MA DOT has not responded to my request for a date.

  2. Why, after all of the delays with this project, did the last and final lane open only to be closed again? There it sits, seemingly complete yet unused and unavailable…

        1. MassDOT says:

          Even through the deck has been repaired and lanes open, we still require daily lane closures during off peak hours to allow for finishing work – including replacing the bridge joints. When no work is occurring all lanes are open.

          We are currently on schedule to have the work completed by Thanksgiving and have the site clear by December.

          1. Thanks for the update and thanks for your responsiveness. MassDOT’s assertion that “when work is not occurring all lanes are open” made me chuckle, though. I use the bridge twice a day at varying hours… Early AM, late night, etc. If they’re opening that last lane they’ve found a really effective way of hiding it from me. I don’t mean to whine, but sitting in 30 minutes of traffic trying to get from Westland Ave to the overpass gets old after a couple years 😉 Thanks again for the help.

            1. Mass DOT was opening the last lane as I drove through this morning. While that could be coincidence I’m choosing to believe you worked some magic 😉 Thanks again either way.

  3. When the construction is complete, the park would be a fine place to put a dog park. This would hopefully stop the section of the Mall between Mass Ave and Charlesgate from being used for the purpose.

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