2nd Amendment

I know you supported this bill but you and your colleagues have just opened Pandora’s Box for anti -gun lobbyists to plow through. By backing this bill which took 4 days to pass your are setting a precedence for the anti-gun lobbyists. Las Vegas was horrible but no one knows what happened yet. But seizing the opportunity anti -gun lobbyists were quick to call for gun bans. Instead of being a “United State” they caused division. The fact is we should have been a country in mourning for those who passed. The knee jerk reaction to Las Vegas was exactly what the anti-gun lobbyists wanted. They wanted to pull on your heartstrings and they got you. For a year people have been trying to be  heard about Maura Healey and her law breaking decision on semi automatic rifles. What can come next is the complete  destruction of the 2nd Amendment. And to go further if that’s gone what’s to stop the government from violating your 4th Amendment. So now the government can illegally seize your guns. Now the law bidding citizens who own guns are disarmed. Now they can’t protect themselves from a tyrannical government!!! This bill should have been tabled until all the facts come out about Las Vegas. Paul Ryan tabled the SHARE Billand HR38 the National Reciprocity Bill for that same reason. Pier pressure is like being bullied unless you stand up to the bully he’s going to keep coming at you. Maybe the House and the Senate should do the same until all the facts are reached. Here is when are Senators and Representatives need to remember “ We The People “ voted all of you into office and we can just as easily vote you out and vote in someone who is willing to honor their oath to the Constitution.

Thank You,

John DeNicola

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  1. P.S. Criminals don’t care about your laws if they did they wouldn’t be criminals. If they want to get bump stocks they’re going to get them. Be prepared for the criminals to capitalize on these restrictions.
    John DeNicola

      1. You draw the line when you have all the facts. Not because lobbyists are pressuring you to succumb to their whims because it fits their agenda. It took a year since Maura Healey violated our 2nd Amendment Rights.And it’s still not settled. The rifles used in Vegas weren’t machine guns they were semi automatic rifles converted by the owner illegally. Let’s let the police and other authorities do their jobs before you jump to conclusions. And back a bill you know is Unconstitutional.

  2. First off the shooter in Las Vegas modified the semi automatic rifles illegally let’s start there. Then anti gun lobbyists pulled on your heartstrings while Vegas was fresh on everybody’s mind and then it has to stop by letting law bidding citizens carry concealed maybe less criminals can get away with murdering people. Someone could do as much if not more damage with a crossbow or compound bow and you’d never hear it coming yet they’re not outlawed. When you start to play with it you open doors you shouldn’t. Also, our Four Fathers actually had types of automatic weapons. This was the reason the 2nd Amendment was written the way it was. The word infringed says it all.

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