Reforming Criminal Justice Policy for Young Adults?

I spoke last week at a forum on reforming criminal justice policy for young adults. I can’t let go of the fact that we are incarcerating 5 times as many people in Massachusetts as we were 40 years ago, even though crime rates aren’t that different. We need to recognize the needs and risk factors that impel people to crime and do a better job of reducing recidivism by addressing those needs and risk factors.

Belmont/Trapelo Project Update

According to MassDOT engineers, the project to reconstruct Belmont Street/Trapelo Road is 80% complete. It is on budget, but is about 9 months behind schedule. Bring your questions and concerns about the project to a meeting on March 15 from 6:30 – 9:00 PM in the Third Floor Gallery in the Homer Building, 19 Moore Street, Belmont (across from Belmont Town Hall in Belmont Center).

Proposed Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Allston

A medical marijuana dispensary has been proposed on Harvard Avenue in Allston and is moving through the state approval process. The company has secured signatures on a petition indicating non-opposition from nearby businesses and a letter of support from the Allston Civic Association. In November 2012, 65% of voters approved a ballot question to legalize medical marijuana.

Contract for Fresh Pond and Mount Auburn intersection awarded

The DCR has awarded a contract to develop an approach to improving the system of intersections around Mt. Auburn Street and Fresh Pond Parkway. The accepted proposal conveys a strong understanding of the problems around the intersection and the potential for change. It contemplates an early public meeting and we will make sure that this is publicized broadly when it is scheduled.