Time to reform MA Records Access and stop Government Extortion (Support MA H.2772 and S.1676)

Will — Please support H.2772 and S.1676 Background http://www.boston.com/news/local/massachusetts/2015/03/19/how-massachusetts-keeps-secrets-from-you/NatKrY9ISxepNBOLDSfzYK/story.html When the watchdog group the State Integrity Investigation graded states on how well they make public information available, Massachusetts failed. State Sen. Jason Lewis and Rep. Peter Kocot aim to improve the state’s reputation with a new bill that would increase public access to records. But […]

Rehoming of Adopted Children

I’m seeking input on legislation pending before the Senate. What should the penalties be for people who bypass the legal adoption process and permanently place or receive children through online forums? The question comes up in the context of legislation to address the phenomenon of “rehoming” of adopted children. I’d really appreciate hearing reactions to this.