MyRWA Clean Water Campaign Announcement

Earlier this year, the Mystic River Watershed Association (MyRWA) launched the fourth year of the Herring Monitoring Program. As part of this program, trained volunteers count the herring as they pass through the Upper Mystic Lake Dam in Medford. Please join the Mystic River Watershed Association in celebration of the life rebounding in the Mystic River and join us in 2016 for another herring run, hopefully of even greater size!

2015-2016 Gas Leaks Legislation

A recent article in the Boston Globe has drawn attention back to the more than 20,000 active natural gas leaks across the state. The 2014 gas leaks legislation created a registry and a three tiered classification system to prioritize and mandate repairs for the two larger classes of leaks. There are two bills relative to gas leaks that are under consideration in the current session.