Help residents of Marlboro St. fire

On Wednesday, May 21 a fire destroyed a three-family home in Belmont. As a result, nine people have been displaced and all of their property has been lost. Several concerned citizens, part of the Belmont Corner Neighborhood Association (BCNA), have rallied together to establish a fund to provide immediate financial assistance to these victims. The […]

Watertown Bus Statistics

The MBTA recently released the 2014 Blue Book – a compendium of statistics, facts and figures about MBTA service systemwide. In light of recent conversations about bus capacity in Watertown, I decided to take a closer look at the statistics in the new Blue Book for routes serving Watertown: Watertown is currently served by 10 […]

Reading the Juvenile Life without Parole Cases

Before the legislature is the question of how to respond to the case of Commonwealth v. Diatchenko. In that case, our Supreme Judicial Court found that it is unconstitutional to sentence a juvenile to life without parole for first degree murder. The basic question the legislature needs to answer is what should be the first […]