Securing Schools without Guns: Lots of options, lots of work to be done locally.

I am very happy that legislators are ready to take up the issue of gun control. No one needs the massacre-in-seconds capability provided by assault weapons and large magazines. There is simply no other use for these devices than killing as many people as possible as fast as possible. Until the general proliferation of these […]

Oral Cancer Therapy

I’ve received a number of emails in the form further below. I do appreciate the acknowledgement of this change, which I did advocate for. It makes a lot of sense — oral cancer therapies are often safer and more cost-effective than intravenous therapies. ——————— As a constituent and a volunteer for the American Cancer Society […]

Safer Chemistry Bill

I’ve recently been receiving emails in the form below. My reply is that yes, I have just signed on as a cosponsor. ————– I’m writing to ask you to please take a stand to protect our health from toxic chemicals by cosponsoring An Act for Healthy Families and Businesses through Safer Chemistry, filed by Representative […]