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Will Brownsberger
State Senator
2d Suffolk and Middlesex District

Options for the MBTA? (49 Responses)

I am deeply committed to avoiding MBTA service cuts and also to improving the quality of MBTA service. We squeezed through the planning for the current year without major service cuts, but it’s time to start the conversation about a long-term fix. Your thoughts?

[See the full post at: Options for the MBTA]

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  1. I think we’ll get to open road tolling — the technology and federal legislative issues appear to be pretty much resolved. The major routes are all likely to have tolls within 10 years.

  2. DarrynRemillard says:

    Hi Will- I’m a newbie to your forum. Living out in the Worcester area, I’ve feel as though I’ve got a more broad lens view on this issue. I’m not sure that I-93 should be as heavily tolled, at least not yet. Eventually, it should be. Why can’t the other interstate roads in Mass. be tolled? Much of I-95, 290, 190, 195, 395, 495, 84, 91, Route 146, Route 1, Route 2, Route 3 could be tolled. Mass. gets lots of intra- and interstate travel on these roads. My argument can be boiled down to this: to really revamp transportation in Mass. and get it to where it needs to be for the 21st and 22nd centuries, you’re going to need to attack to this problem on multiple fronts by imposing realistic costs on heavily traveled roads, increase petroleum taxes, and expand commuter rail and subway transportation as viable options.

  3. Marie says:

    I haven’t been participating in the public meetings and discussions, but wonder whether there has been investigation into fee structures and whether a modification could work or help? In DC, the Metro has a peak fare and off-peak fare, and their ride fees vary based on the distance of travel. I understand the T provides an important service and must remain competitive for riders, and I use the T for most of my travel, but living where service was expensive and charged by the distance- not the ride- makes me wonder if we should look at these options.

  4. DougJohnson says:

    Raising the gasoline tax by 50 cents a gallon would provide the funds needed for the MBTA as well as for highway projects throughout the state.

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