Women’s Health Bills

I have recently received a number of emails in the form below urging me to cosponsor several women’s health bills. I am pleased to cosponsor these bills. I have consistently cosponsored legislation in this area over the years.


In November, voters like me made it clear that we care deeply about
health care access by delivering resounding victories here in
Massachusetts and nationally for candidates who promised to champion
women’s health. Despite this, members of Congress and State Houses
across the country have already shown their willingness to disregard
this mandate.

Let’s show the country that Massachusetts will be a national leader on
women’s health.

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I urge you to co-sponsor the following legislation:

– An Act Relative to Healthy Youth (HD 360 filed by Representative
Jim O’Day, and SD 34 filed by Senator Katherine Clark) – providing
standards for comprehensive sexuality education

– An Act to Prevent Shackling and Promote Safe Pregnancies for
Female Inmates (filed by Representative Kay Khan and Senator Karen
Spilka) – banning shackling during delivery and guaranteeing access to

– An Act Relative to Responsible Counseling (HD 218 filed by
Representatives David Linsky and Tom Sannicandro, and SD 35 filed by
Senator Katherine Clark) – providing options for young women seeking

– An Act Relative to Consent and Counseling for Certain Minors
(filed by Representative Ellen Story) – providing options for young
women seeking abortion and lowering the age of consent

– An Act Updating the Laws to Protect Women’s Health (HD 126 filed
by Representatives Ellen Story and Byron Rushing and Senator Harriette
Chandler) – repealing unconstitutional laws still on the books in Mass.

Here in Massachusetts, we also continue to see state level attempts to
restrict access to abortion, such as the so-called “Women’s Right
to Know” bill, which limits a woman’s ability to make her own
decision about her pregnancy by shaming women and imposing barriers
that delay timely care. I urge you to not co-sponsor this piece of

Thank you for your time and for standing up for women’s health!

Published by Will Brownsberger

Will Brownsberger is State Senator from the Second Suffolk and Middlesex District.