Ugly and very expensive graffiti damage

Hi Will,

You happen to be the Senator in the hot bed location of ugly graffiti damage for all of New England. Graffiti is malicious destruction which crime and impact lasts until removed. The graffiti vandals choose high visibility locations which are most detrimental to our image and well being. The negative effect to our tourism is imeasurable. Our historic monuments, bridges, highway walls, and private buildings are being made very unsightly at tremendous cleanup costs to taxpayers and private owners. We need prevention, prosecution, and swift cleanups. Presently none of that is being done. These vandals roam freely at night marring anything they can with spray paint and mag markers. Because their crimes are borderless, law enforcement prevention and prosecution must also be multi-jurisdictional. One police agency or a task force needs a few investigators to do the investigations and be a location all graffiti crimes get forwarded to. Because the individual vandals always use the same marking or tag as they call it, it is as good as leaving a fingerprint for law enforcement. The millions of dollars in damage and un-measured ugliness justifies drastic measures to deter and stop it. The sight of graffiti also diminishes property values and gives the impression of lawlessness to those areas. As a prior law enforcement investigator, the graffiti crimes effects were so troubling to me that, I took it upon myself back in the 90’s to work unofficially with members of other departments to investigate and prosecute graffiti vandals. I prosecuted dozens of graffiti vandals. They are mostly age 16-24 and typically deviants with little to no parental supervision. They can either be caught in the act or because they put pictures of their vandalism in traceable social media for personal attention. In addition to prosecution where they should have to pay for their crimes, they should be doing community service time cleaning up graffiti in state graffiti cleanup programs from April until November. I know exactly how this effort should be done and would be very willing to advise you. You must take the lead to get it attention, funding, and implantation please.


David Benoit

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