Thank you for your efforts on behalf of a more transparent legislature. While information is essential to democracy, it is the organized participation of informed people that is necessary to achieve the political and economic reforms that will move us toward a more just society. We are fortunate to have an honest and progressive voice represent us in the state legislature. However, given the undue influence of powerful corporate and monied interests, real change requires broad-based collective action. While there are many traditions in this country for which I am not proud — the displacement of Native Americans, oppression of people of African descent, the disenfranchisement of women, the exploitation of workers, etc. — there are some, such as the resistance to illegitimate authority and the many popular movements that pressed for social and economic reforms, from which we can take inspiration and hope

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  1. Thanks, Steve! Very much agreed that the value of transparency comes when people are engaged. I think that people are engaged right now around money issues and that’s why I feel strongly that full transparency on money issues is so important.

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