The SAVE Students Act Bill

S285, An Act Relative to Safety and Violence Education for Students (the SAVE Students Act)

This bill would require all schools serving grades 6-12 to create a school-based threat assessment team to identify and respond to threatening and self-injurious behaviors in students. Each school would be required to provide students with at least one hour of evidence-based youth violence prevention training each school year, including teaching students how to identify social isolation and tools to be socially inclusive.

S285 is sponsored by Senator Barry Finegold. The House version of this bill, H483, An act relative to safety and violence education for students (the SAVE students act), is sponsored by Representative Natalie Higgins.

S285 was heard in front of the Joint Committee on Education on June 25. No more action has been taken on this bill since.

More information, including the text of the bill, can be found here: