Senior CharlieCard in Watertown May 6

Senator Brownsberger is sponsoring a Senior CharlieCard Day on Wednesday, May 6th, 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at the Watertown Senior Center, 31 Marshall Street Watertown, MA  02472. Seniors age 65 or older can save a trip to the MBTA offices in Downtown Boston and apply for your Senior CharlieCard at the Watertown Senior Center on this one day. Staff from the office of Senator Will Brownsberger will be on hand to take your photo and process your paperwork. You will need to bring a valid, state-issued photo ID that includes Date of Birth.

No advance sign-up needed!

What is the Senior CharlieCard? Adults age 65 and older are eligible for the Senior CharlieCard. This card can be used to receive reduced fares on all MBTA transportation services—including buses, the subway, the commuter rail line, and the Salem-to-Boston ferry!

PLEASE NOTE: If you currently have a Senior CharlieCard that is ABOUT TO EXPIRE and you need to renew it, you do not need to come to this event. CharlieCards can be renewed for free over the phone by calling the MBTA office at 617-222-3200. Your new card will be sent to you in the mail! If your CharlieCard has ALREADY EXPIRED, then you must re-apply in person at this event or at the MBTA office in downtown Boston.

For more information, call Barbara Miranda at 617-722-1280

A flyer for the event can be found here.

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