Public funding for the arts?

Dear Will,

This is a question from the former director of public art in Cambridge: might you support state funding for the arts through a one-percent-for-art law, by which one percent of capital funding for a particular building project goes to a site-relevant public art work? (Twenty-seven states have such a program.) With a percent-based program, funding automatically follows economic and budgetary ups and downs. Bureaucracy is minimal, and the allocation can fund ambitious works of merit, improving quality of life for all.



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I am the legislator's sister, following his good work with admiration from overseas. I am a writer and translator with a background of community activism.

One reply on “Public funding for the arts?”

  1. Thanks for speaking out, sister!

    I do believe in public art. It makes our public spaces livable and meaningful. We do have state funding for the arts — a share of lottery funds is one channel. It would be interesting to see how our overall package of support compares to the support in other states.

    Right now, the state’s revenue is down dramatically. With the budget cuts we are imposing on all kinds of programs that take direct care of people, it is a hard sell to increase funding for anything right now. So, I can only offer philosophical support for a new allotment at this time!



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