Opposed to Lawrence support bill

Hi Will,

Thx for your request for comment.

Having spent 6 years in public office locally, I believe this bill is unlikely to be in our best interests as a Commonwealth.  Since  town and city govt’s are essentially at an impasse with organized labor, most notably teacher unions, the bill only postpones the inevitable.  As I understand and experience the situation each of our 300+ towns have to negotiate more reasonable health benefits with a majority of their public employee unions.  The unions are currently allowing entire town budgets to canabalize themselves rather than even discuss going to GIC.  This is a major driving force in fiscal instability, and there is no solution on the horizon.

I would prefer to see Lawrence be the leader in moving to modern, “interest-based” bargaining that results in sustainable operation of city budgets, whatever that requires.  I would vote for making that happen sooner rather than later.

(….and I am a life long democrat, pro labor, and completely devoted to public education).

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  1. Thanks, Sue.

    One good thing about the bill is that it requires direct entry into the GIC.

    I think a full control board may be necessary, but we will be doing much of the work of that board immediately with this bill.

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