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  1. Although I haven’t taken any online courses, I affirm that online courses are a great way to improve the variation provided in learning. Some students are full-time athletes, have certain medical needs, are over-age for their grade level, or may be exceptionally gifted children and I believe that online learning will benefit them the most.

  2. Today’s Boston Globe featured a story about the educational technology industry in Massachusetts and how the industry targets its product at teachers, particularly at the K-12 level, by explaining the ways in which educational technology can make teachers’ jobs easier.


    Anne Johnson Landry
    Committee Counsel and Policy Advisor
    Office of State Senator William N. Brownsberger

  3. Online learning can definitely be a convenient way to earn a degree while also working, earning a post-secondary degree, or advancing in a field. eLearners.com helps prospective students find online degree programs in over 150 fields. There you can also find a ton of supporting articles about earning a degree online like financial aid and lifestyle topics.

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