7 replies on “OK, so is the “Fluffernutter” our official sandwich now?”

  1. No.

    Any citizen can ask their rep to file a bill and the rep has a duty to file it. Any bill that gets filed is assigned to a committee and the committee has a duty to give the bill a hearing. That’s what happened on the fluffernutter bill recently. The fact of a hearing doesn’t mean that the legislature is giving a bill any serious consideration.

    1. Please see my comment further down, Shane, noone is debating the state sandwich! A hearing just means that citizens who wish to exercise their right to speak on an issue have the opportunity to address the assigned committee.

      1. Mr. Brownsberger,

        I understand that at this time nobody is debating the state sandwich on the house floor. I apologize for my poor choice of words.

        However past legislatures HAVE debated and voted on the State; desert (Boston Creme Pie), cookie (chocolate chip) and fruit (cranberry). I see this hearing as simply the beginning of the process again.

        While these are cute little pieces of fluff (pardon the pun) legislation that really only make headlines in elementary schools, we just had the governor pass “emergency” legislation last week, so shouldn’t our legislators attentions be focused elsewhere?

          1. “The parade of wacky bills doesn’t stop there, though. Lawmakers will hear proposals to designate the elephant as the official state mammal, the 2005 Red Sox-themed Jimmy Fallon movie “Fever Pitch” as the official state movie, and “6” as the official state number.”

            excerpt from:

            I think we both agree that there are much more important things that our elected representatives should be concerning themselves with.

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