Not pleased with your decision-making process


I also appreciate your being candid about the tough decision.  But this vote by the Massachusetts House is just the height of hypocrisy. After voting to deny Gov Romney the ability to appoint a Senator back in 2004, and then changing the law back to serve themselves is embarrassing…these people must have no shame.

What I really dislike is the fact that Washington pressured you and many of your peers to vote in such a partisan manner.  I’d like to think that your constituents are more important than David Axlerod.  The healthcare legislation that they are trying to push on us is ill-conceived.  US House bill 3200 was not only purposely complex…it was also deceptive.  They tried to ram this legislation through before people realized what was included. We don’t want government-run healthcare, that the CBO has already determined is not deficit neutral, and will result in rationed care. There is no way to add another 40+ Million people into the mix, and expect that the same level of care will be available.  If they want bi-partisan support, they had better add tort reform to the mix.

Bob Jefferson

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  1. Fair enough, Bob.

    I do need to say that my constituents tended to favor the vote, as best as I could tell from the flow of communications coming to me. So it wasn’t Axelrod ahead of my constituents. It was just a tough decision that really couldn’t please everyone.

    I do fervently hope that the final health care bill addresses the need for cost control and is deficit neutral. My belief is that both the President and controlling moderates in the Senate share those hopes.

  2. Bob,

    Why does Wills vote surpise you? Did you expect anything less?

    Will, you must be giddy with anticipation, your going to have the chance to vote for ANOTHER tax.. you know the dog license tax. but it’s just another “cup of coffee” right?

  3. Mr. Brownsburger,

    Mr. Jefferson’s criticisms of the succession vote does not give the true level of hypocrisy shown by the state legislature justice. If you would be so inclined, could please share with the rest of your constituents and I your rational for this unprecedented reversal of state law?

    The only reasons I’ve heard put out by other state reps is that Massachusetts must have two senators to represent us. I’m sorry but that’s not a valid response. Over the past year Ted Kennedy had missed 95% of roll call votes in the senate. If equal representation was so important for the state I’m sure Mr. Kennedy would have resigned his seat months ago. This is also goes for John Kerry who missed 73% of votes in 2003.

    The other reason I’ve been given by your peers is that this health care bill is too important not to have full representation on. This I would agree with, if the vote of the future Jr. senator from MA was elected by the people, instead of appointed through cronyism. Considering that the president wanted this bill passed late July early August, a time when Kennedy cast no votes, I don’t see how missing a vote now would matter?

    58 of your fellow reps flip/flopped from their 2005 vote where the only substantial difference in situations is the political party of the governor. Now the only thing that standing in the way of this new senator’s appointment is the governor declaring an “emergency” in order to wave the 90 day wait. To which I would ask, where is the emergency? Even if HR3200 was passed in early August, or the Baukus bill was passed tomorrow both bills don’t even take effect until 2013 when all parties involved are comfortably reelected.

    To say I am disappointed in our state legislature would be an understatement.

    Shane Hayes

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