Opposing greyhound racing

I’ve been getting a lot of emails that read:

“Please do not repeal or delay the implementation of Question 3, the
ballot question that passed 56% to 44% in 12 of 14 counties and in 290 cities and towns.

S. 2041 would delay the end of greyhound racing for two years. When the ballot question passed in November of 2008, it already contained a significant 14-month phase-out period. The will of the voters to end greyhound racing in January 2010 should be upheld.

The voters have decided. Please oppose S. 2041”

I agree. I was an early and public supporter of question three and have no intention of reversing myself. I believe that we will look back on this era and regret the way we treat many kinds of animals — greyhounds, but especially farm animals in modern “factory farms”. I am a co-sponsor of the bill to address farm animal conditions of confinement. I am also a co-sponsor of the anti-devocalization bill — you can see additional discussion of this bill here.

Published by Will Brownsberger

Will Brownsberger is State Senator from the Second Suffolk and Middlesex District.

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  1. I am thankful for the passing of question 3, and am further thankful for your interest in passing the bil to address the conditions of confinement of farm animals. We should take the lead of our European neighbors and start treating the animals that eventually feed us humanely. I appreciate your efforts in this area.

  2. Rep. Brownsberger, we don’t have “factory farms” in Mass! We have small family farms. It does seem like you have been taken in my the big out of state animal rights groups like HSU$. They are giving lots of money to politicians, especially politicians in areas where there are not a lot of farm issues. Hopefully you haven’t taken money from them. The U.S. is fortunate to have farmers who supply fresh, affordable food to feed all our people. The animal rights groups like HSUS promote Veganism which is eating no animal products. I would hope you understand the need to feed everyone in Mass. and that you will support family farmers in Mass. HSUS is attacking farmers all over the country and spending millions of dollars to do it. In Calif they spent over $8 million to destroy the egg industry. Eggs are a wonderful inexpensive source of protein. After the passage of the referendum in Calif. eggs are going to be very expensive to produce. Please rethink your position on farming and realize we have only small family farms in Mass. I was at the hearing for that bill.

    1. Thanks, Charlotte,

      Rest assured that my concern for this issue is home grown. You are quite right that the biggest worst factory farms are elsewhere — I’ve seen the feedlots in the West — but we can only assure humane treatment of the farm animals in our own state and I support doing so.

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