New Revenue for Education

There is an active email and call campaign going on in support of the Governor’s revenue package and also a related bill (from “the Campaign for our Communities”) that would also increase the income tax rate.

A sample email appears further below. I am personally willing to support any package that will yield funding for the MBTA and other transportation needs, including these two proposals. I would also welcome more funding for many categories of education.

I do believe that a considerable majority of my own constituents would support these proposals (although many of them would be opposed).

However, I believe that on a statewide basis, the issue is much closer — many districts are more conservative than mine. A substantial income tax rate increase would likely trigger an active ballot campaign for repeal in 2014, which would destabilize all planning. So, if the majority sentiment in the legislature is for a more modest package, perhaps involving a gas tax increase, I will welcome that also.

There is a lot we need to do more of at the state level, but we have to be very sober about how much the majority of people statewide want to spend — I respect my colleagues as good judges of what their constituents will support and look forward to the debates to come.

Please support new revenue for public education and other services vital to our communities and our economy. (HB 2687/SB 1313) After six years of very tight budgets, it is time to stop making cuts.

The fairest way to raise new revenue is by increasing the income tax rate while also increasing the personal exemption, as both the Campaign for Our Communities and Governor Deval Patrick have proposed.

As an elementary school educator in Massachusetts for the past 13 years, I know first-hand how much my students would benefit from stable and adequate funding. Our communities and our economy depend on quality public education, from preschool through graduate school.

Published by Will Brownsberger

Will Brownsberger is State Senator from the Second Suffolk and Middlesex District.

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  1. As with the MBTA, the true state of affairs is that these new revenues never change anything taxpayers see. Why? Because the money disappears into pensions. Gold-plated benefits for yesterday’s teachers does not benefit today’s students. Early retirement and “disability” pay for MBTA employees doesn’t improve service on the T.

    Convince me that new revenue for education is going to improve education then we can have a conversation. But if all we are actually doing is making retirement even more comfortable for public union members, then I’ll move along.

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