necessity of requiring government/civics for graduation

If you read Jamie Gass’ articles in the Herald and other newspapers, he articulates better than I the desperate need for requiring government/civics and an MCAS test. Jamie is at the Pioneer Institute

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4 replies on “necessity of requiring government/civics for graduation”

  1. I agree strongly on the value of civics education. I’m not so sure how I feel about adding it to the MCAS. Philosophically, I feel we should be more worried about teaching things like science, history and civics — fundamental to world understanding — and just a little less worried about raw skill development.

  2. Civics is very badly needed as a fundamental education component, as is English as the basis to enable all citizens of our country to have meaningful discussions about our democracy, our individual rights, our political system and everything else that impinges on us collectively.

  3. … if citizens cannot understand each other, they cannot begin to intelligently weigh the ideas held by others.

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