Massachusetts Infertility Mandate

I was at the State House today to help Resolve celebrate the Massachusetts Infertility Mandate, and stopped by Senator Brownsberger’s office. Massachusetts has some of the best infertility coverage in the country.

When, twenty-five years ago, my husband and I discovered we would need medical assistance to start a family, we were lucky enough to be living in a state that required insurance coverage of infertility treatments. That coverage allowed us to work with doctors to conceive our children: John recently graduated from college with a computer science degree and has a great job waiting, while Margaret is spending the summer preparing for her sophomore year in college as a pre-med major and varsity athlete. Our family would not have existed without the Massachusetts mandate for infertility treatment. As a family we are grateful to Resolve, the national infertility organization, which provided counseling and support, and also grateful to the Massachusetts legislators who then and now work to make sure that all Commonwealth residents receive the medical treatment they need.

I hadn’t been downtown in a while. It was lovely walking through the Public Garden and the Commons and making my way through the State House. What a great city Boston is, and what a great state Massachusetts!

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