H1590, An Act relative to appeals

Senator Brownsberger submitted the following written testimony to the Joint Committee on Transportation.

TO:                  Joint Committee on Transportation

FROM:            Senator William N. Brownsberger

RE:                  House Bills 1590 and 3015

DATE:            October 18, 2013

I am writing in favor of H1590, An Act relative to appeals, and H3015, An Act to reduce court fees.

These bills would limit fees for appeals for civil traffic and parking violations so that they are not prohibitive and would allow people, particularly the indigent, access to justice. H1590 would limit fees for appeals of parking tickets to no more than 25% of the amount of the ticket, or $20, whichever is less. H3015 would allow for appellants of civil traffic violations to be reimbursed for the fee for the appeal should they win the appeal.

I hope the Committee will report these bills favorably.

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Published by Anne Johnson Landry

Anne works as Committee Counsel and Policy Advisor to Senator Brownsberger.