Good Move, Will.

Just read this Globe article today.;

A growing group of dissidents in the Massachusetts House yesterday called on Speaker Robert A. DeLeo to open the chamber’s books, allow healthy debate on all bills, and subject the Legislature to the laws that cover other elected bodies – including laws on public records, open meetings, and competitive bidding….

One of the lawmakers who signed yesterday’s letter, state Representative Will Brownsberger of Belmont, resigned his position as vice chairman of the House Committee on Global Warming and Climate Change earlier this week.

“At a time of continued financial pressure I think it’s more important than ever that we have an open management process in the House,’’ he said in an interview. “Hopefully over the months to come, members will feel more free to join in a conversation about the changes that are needed.’’

That’s exactly right.  Oil companies are squeezing people with high gasoline prices, health insurance corporations are squeezing people, and the banks hit people with fees every time they turn around.  People in a bind are not going to trust the House when its Speaker is keeping so many secrets.

It’s like DeLeo has forgotten who pays the bills around here.

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  1. Brave move, Will. I agree with the importance of open process, and also with the symbolic importance of having the legislature play by the same open meeting rules as everyone else.

    The article hints at a connection between your resigning the leadership post and your participation in the fall for more transparency. Are they linked? How do you see the linkage?

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