Emergency preparedness for all citizens

I wanted to ask what in particular, citizens with disabilities and frail elders should do in the event of another “emergency” such as happened on Friday. I realize that police and city and state officials even the FBI were involved, and everyone cooperated to the best of their ability. I spent my day at home “checking in” on a lot of people I know. My personal care attendant stayed in place with me, but what about other people whose aides usually travel via subway or bus or car? No meals on wheels where delivered so I am not sure what happened to these folks. Many elderly require daily life-saving medications, like insulin, for example, so I am not sure what plans people had in place. What are some helpful things to do?

One reply on “Emergency preparedness for all citizens”

  1. Karen, this is an important concern. You underscore the importance of preparedness. The systems that operate on normal days are of critical importance to many. I’m going to have my staff be in touch with you to follow up on this thought and explore the issue.

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