Delegation of Immigration Authority Section 287(g) Immigration and Nationality

In anticipation of changes to deportation policy federally, what can Massachusetts do to keep ICE enforcement actions relatively humane, at least in this state? The wording here, , suggests to me that putting state and local officers on this task is something a state chooses to do itself not something imposed on it from above, as I thought reading Julie Myers Wood’s quote from this New Yorker article: . What else can the Massachusetts Senate do in anticipation of more aggressive ICE actions against our undocumented neighbours?

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  1. This is a big conversation that has been ongoing for some time — what should the role of state and local law enforcement be in enforcing federal immigration policy.

    It takes on new urgency with possible changes in federal immigration policy.

    My thoughts on the issue appear here. We will have to see what the Trump administration actually seems to be headed towards doing, but I agree that a legislative response may be required.

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