Child Sexual Abuse — Legislative Update

Click here for an update about the work we are doing on this issue. Thoughts much appreciated below.

Published by Will Brownsberger

Will Brownsberger is State Senator from the Second Suffolk and Middlesex District.

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  1. Hello Beth and Senator Brownsberger:
    I think that all of the victims that have been sexually abused need to get out the vote campaign and have all their friends and loved ones call Speaker DeLeo’s office and tell the Speaker that Rep Mariano should be the new House Chair of the Judiciary and to call for a vote in the Judiciary Committee on H1455 and S633.Everyone knows there is a majority in both the House and Senate to pass H1455 with the 1ear window. My friends and family are calling the Speakers office. please get the word out to your friends and family members as well. We have the momentum, and unlike the Catholics Church , we have God on our side.

    John Sweeney
    Raped 1969

  2. Dear Senator Brownsberger,

    I’ve done my civic duty and called Speaker DeLeo’s office but to no avail. His aides will not let me speak with him nor do I get a call back from anyone in his office that knows anything.

    Just wondering as it is only a few weeks till March 2014, and this is the last year I believe that you can get your bill through before it is re-written again and reproposed….is anything going to happen this year??? I know you must be busy with your new duties with your promotion but please don’t forget all of us victim/survivors of childhood sexual abuse that are waiting for the SOL reform laws to change. You are our only hope…


  3. Senator Brownsberger:

    Do the SOL Reform bills in the Judiciary have to wait for the vacant House seat to be filled. I see that Representative Markey has currently filled the House Chair on the Website. Is this permanent?

    John Sweeney

  4. John, please e-mail me at as I would like to converse with a fellow survivor. This invitation is open to any other survivor that would like to converse with me as well. I think it’s time for us all to connect with each other.

    Madeline CK

  5. Hi John,

    Representative Markey is the House Vice Chair. There many other issues awaiting the appointment of a House Chair, so I do expect a permanent Chair to be named soon.

    Not sure about whether we need to wait. We are working very hard on getting a meaningful bill passed and I am cautiously optimistic at this stage. If the chairmanship remains open much longer, it’s possible that we could work out an agreement with the House that allows us start moving things.

    All best,


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