Collective Bargaining Rights

I believe it is incredibly insensitive and reprehensible to remove collective bargaining rights from the union when planning health care options for their employees.   As a lifetime Democrat, I believe it is time for me and others to reconsider our political affiliation.     Why are you so afraid of our right to bargain collectively?

2 replies on “Collective Bargaining Rights”

  1. The difficulty with changing votes (if not affiliation) at this time is that we vote in First-Past-The-Post elections; my vote only matters if I choose one of the two likely election winners (i.e., the Democrat or the Republican). Single-transferable-vote would give us the opportunity to vote for what we really want, without increasing the risk of getting what we want least of all.

    This works at both ends of the spectrum, of course. This would also add votes for far right-wing candidates.

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